So I Never Forget:


Today, I repurposed the garden shed after it had been sitting, filthy, for the last year, after having been my meth/crack crash pad when my husband kicked me out of the house again for using drugs… yet again.  I’d forgotten about the spiders, mouse poop, and general filth that I lived in then.  I post these pictures not because I’m proud of what happened… but because I want never to forget, and maybe even inform others on the horrible nature of addiction.

In the shed, I found this:
A bunch of drug paraphernalia, something I would gladly forget, if I didn’t know that forgetting might allow me to think using again might be a good idea.

And this:

Surrounding the shed, under the ivy, are 15 four-gallen cat litter buckets filled with spent nitrous canisters, remainders from before I started hitting the hard drugs and gave myself eight lesions on my spinal cord from a B12 deficiency brought on by my nitrous-huffing habit.  Even the soft drugs are dangerous to your health.

On the lighter side of things, my cilantro and parsley seeds are sprouting!  I also got my new rosemary plant into soil.

Never forget that life can always get better.

3 thoughts on “So I Never Forget:

  1. Hi Venus,just to say that this is courageous writing, and am honored to b e following, particularly liked your 12 steps, and blogging, and think you got it absolutely right. Thanks for following and liking my blog and writing, Best wishes, and many blessings. Charles.


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