About Venus

Hail and Well Met!  I’m Venushakti Autumn Velatura, you can call me Venus (if you wish).

If you read any of my blog posts, or anything I’ve posted here and there in various places online, you’ll quickly see why I once used to be called the “Queen of TMI” among my circle of friends.  I’ve toned my oversharing down a fair bit since that time (lifetimes ago, it seems), and I try to focus on sharing only that which will have some tangible value to others (and not to share JUST out of my own selfish desire for recognition – ::smile::).

I write about a lot of things that some people “just don’t talk about”. Sex. Drugs. Porn. Kink. Magick. The human body. Where liberal and libertarian politics cross paths.  “Deviance,” and how society creates both that and “normality.” Whatever shocking subject that comes to mind and about which I have a passion to converse with others or about which I want to record ideas to provoke thought.  I’m really upfront and forward when I speak, in the hopes that others will speak as plainly in return. This makes some people feel uncomfortable, I think because I’m not always the most graceful (or diplomatic) communicator.  I try, but occasionally I fail.  I’m open to improvement, and welcome (compassionate) constructive criticism.  (FYI: Verbal violence without clear justification, posted in comments here, will be deleted without reading or response.  I individually and personally approve all comments that are posted on this site.)

My brain’s wired funny, in effect I speak social skills as a second language.  I grew up knowing nothing of peer relations other than rejection and being the target of bullying.  I didn’t know how to talk like a kid, and that created an unfortunate barrier between me and the other kids with whom I interacted.  A phrase I coined when I was young (thankfully now in the past tense), “I didn’t have friends, I had books.”  That sad fact only furthered my communication problems.  Because of being a social “reject,” (my peers’ term for me, not mine), I was verbally, emotionally, mentally, and physically manipulated, intimidated, and violenced.

Those were not the only violences I experienced as a child, and have been working through (and beyond) since that era of my life.  I sometimes write about those experiences, when they are relevant to the present, but otherwise I segregate that sort of reflection on my past to discussions with mental health professionals.  Suffice it to say that I experienced almost everything no child should have to experience, more times than I could count, to the point that my brain simply turned my memories off, for a very long time.  It was my subsequent problems with memory recall and a need to create meaning from psychic injury that inspired me to begin recording my journey in writing, poetry, learning, and art, shortly after the worst series of chronic traumatic events came to an end.

It is my hope that, through my modest attempts at communicating my experiences, reflecting on my choices in response to life events, and trying to build a legacy — through connection to the living beings with whom I interact on any level — through art, poetry, storytelling, interacting with likeminded others, volunteering, compassionate communication, and cooperative creativity.  Connection and cooperativity (mutual support and enrichment) are the two most important areas of my life right now.

This space is my mind palace, explore as you will.  I welcome any human communication.  I reserve the right to remove verbal violence (and undesirable overly-commercial promotions) posted to my site at whim.

(If you made it all the way through my lengthy introduction, thank you!  If you have time, and you don’t mind doing me a small favor, please introduce yourself to me and to other readers of my “About” page in a comment below?  If you have a blog of your own, please include the URL, as well, please? When I update my blog and approve comments, I’ll check out your own “About” page in return!)

To all that come here in peace, welcome!


6 thoughts on “About Venus

  1. I’m not sure what some of the stuff you’re interested in even is. But you seem like a very colorful personality. I like that.


    • Thanks, Kip! I just totally revamped this page to make it a lot more understandable for the vast majority of the people likely to see it… not just for myself, LOL! I appreciate the comment, sorry it took so long to respond. 😦 I went and checked out your blog, I love your writing and poetry! I hope you keep blogging, or at least writing for yourself. Best!


  2. Hi there Venus,
    Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out my little corner of the blogosphere and the follow, your support is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing more from you 🙂
    Have a great day,


    • Thanks so much, Ed! I checked out your page again (linked from your username here), and couldn’t find your WP blog! Still love the photography (esp. since I’m about to take a digital photography certificate program near-ish me here in the States). Tried linking to your blog via the tiny G+ link at the top, but that didn’t take me to a place I could add you to my “following” list either. 😦 I did finally find you among the 20+ ed mooney listings on G+, but I thought I’d mention the difficulties so other followers can hopefully connect more easily in the future (not all of them are as persistent as myself) ::grin::. I look forward to keeping in touch and seeing what more photographic art you create in the future.

      Sorry it took me so long to respond! I hope to do better from here on.

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  3. I suspect we may have been separated at birth…even down to the curly hair (my GHDs are my best friends!). VERY glad to meet you…
    Gaye (you can call me whatever you like but “Supreme Excellency” works pretty well for me ;o) )

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  4. Hi Venushakti, my name is Savannah Sly and I work with SWOP-Seattle (The Sex Workers Outreach Project of Seattle). Did you by chance post a comment on a Stranger article by Sydney Brownstone, about sex workers speaking out in Seattle? If that was you, I wanted to reach out and connect. Hell, I’d like to connect even if that wasn’t you : ) Anyways, I and other SWOP folks can be reached at marymagdalene@swop-seattle.org.

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