Whore Goddesses

Concise, but well-researched commentary on the hierodule function of the fertile crescent’s sex goddesses!

The Honest Courtesan

The scientific mind is atrophied, and suffers under inherited cerebral weakness, when it comes in contact with the eternal woman—Astarte, Isis, Demeter, Aphrodite, and the last and greatest deity of all, the Virgin. –  Henry Adams

In ancient Rome today was Larentalia, the festival of an apotheosized courtesan named Acca Larentia; she was referred to as the “most noble whore” and was sometimes associated with Lupa, the she-wolf who nursed Romulus and Remus.  As I discussed in my column of November 3rd there were a number of Roman goddesses who were associated with prostitution; Bona Dea’s rituals included what we would now call “two-girl shows”, Flora’s involved public orgies, Fortuna Virilis was worshipped by dedicated acts of low-class prostitution in public baths, and Ceres and Isis allowed streetwalkers to entertain their clients in the temples.  But the most important Roman whore-goddess was of course Venus, goddess of love and…

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To All The Ho’s I Loved Before

Dedicated to Maryjane and NéNé

Non-existent in your memory will I forever remain, though
— Unless I return to the life that brought me so low —
Because you still live partway in the life of a ho,
I must learn to let you go.

“Pretty Woman” was our foe:
Those cruel Richard-Gere-savior illusions don’t exist on the street.
Me, I was just a tourist taking an idiotic leap,
Putting on your shoes in hopes of understanding your feet.
In my delusions, your hugs, your caresses were so sweet –
When we shared a bed, I’d pretend my ear could hear your heartbeat –
Instead, I satisfied myself with you painting my eyes, my lips, my cheeks –
Following behind in your path, sharing the dream that we would riches meet.
None of that would ever become real, though,
And all of that was long ago –
Because your present is still that of a ho,
I must learn to let you go.

I didn’t want us to fuck, just hoped we could make some trouble –
Share how we got into the Life, maybe pull some doubles –
If we found a rich trick I thought we could strip, make him pay to watch us cuddle –
Mostly what I hoped for was to be on your team in the pre-game huddle.
When I see you now from time to time, your face says you still endlessly struggle –
And even though I know when you read this it will likely make you mad –
When I remember how much the Life sucked, the only way I can feel for you is sad –
Despite me getting clean and leaving, I thought it wouldn’t be so bad –
To send you this message saying I will always hold a little hope that –
Someday you’ll find your way out of being the selfish men’s doormat.
Sorry if this embarrasses you, I just needed you to know –
That I miss us being friends, and that if I could I would show you that –
But for now I’ll just pretend that the street won’t kill you and that sometime soon you’ll grow –
Wings and fly out of the life that tore holes in each of our souls –
Each moment you stay, away any happiness flows.
There’s nothing I can do for you but send you these words from a distance though,
Because as long as you remain in the life of a ho,
I have only memories, I must let you go.

What can you do with a single shoe?

HarveyMilkStool, I thought of you today…

Flush Out The Most Dangerous Toxin Of All – Negativity

This is related to my last post about carrying the message, but this post is more concerned with flushing those who focus on “the mess instead of the message” from one’s life, and how to bring about a more solution-based positivity into your own life. Insightful, and integrates several common-sense ideas into an original post.


Energy is the single most important force that constitutes the universe and therefore, also the human existence. For me, energy symbolizes efficiency, ardor, vitality, potency and more than anything else – spirit. The gigantic universe that we all are a part of, consists of light and dark matter. In the same way our lives comprise of people – both positive and negative. Either way, they have an impact on us. Interesting thing is that people can lie, manipulate their ugly intentions with welcoming actions, can indulge in sugar coated sweet talk even though malice is what is inside them and yet their vibes don’t lie. Just don’t.  People may deceive us but their vibes don’t.

I recently came across this really interesting term – ‘Energy Vampires.’ What it signifies is people who can be synonymous to vampires in draining you, except that they don’t drain out blood, they drain out…

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